Spotlight: Healthcare Professional Doris Osborne Advocates for EECP® Therapy

We often hear stories about how EECP® therapy helped improve a patient’s quality of life, but today we want to share a slightly different story. We are excited to introduce you to Doris Osborne, who has been the EECP coordinator at The Christ Hospital Health Network for the past 15 years. Her proactive and innovative methods have significantly enhanced her ability to obtain more patient referrals for her center while also rejuvenating the programs for other practicing EECP professionals.

Osborne’s success started when she was invited to speak about EECP therapy at a meeting hosted by HealthCare Friends, an organization devoted to facilitating networking opportunities for health care professionals in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. More than 100 representatives of senior facilities as well as healthcare professionals attended the meeting. After her presentation, Doris received interest from many attendees who asked her to come back and speak at their senior facilities. Through this event, her EECP program has received many new patient referrals as she successfully   spreads the word about the effectiveness of EECP Therapy.

Following the success of the meetings hosted by HealthCare Friends, Doris along with Dr. Charles Abbottsmith, the Medical Director of their EECP program, wanted to keep up the momentum and share her success so she organized a dinner meeting to share their experience and form a support group with other EECP professionals in her region. With the assistance of the International EECP Therapist Association (IETA), they invited program directors, managers and nurses from other EECP treatment centers around the southwestern Ohio area to a dinner meeting. Happy to participate were, Dawn Corbin from Kettering Hospital, Cherie Smith and Joan Rose from Premier Dayton Heart Center and Lisa Fent and Kathy Schmitt from Springfield Regional Medical Center.  Also in attendance were Marlene Snyder and Bill Seychell from Vasomedical. The attendees shared their personal experience, stories and knowledge about providing and using EECP therapy.

Doris clearly states “There are so many patients who need EECP therapy, yet they never hear about it and therefore are not getting the treatment they need. EECP therapy is the only noninvasive, non-pharmacological demonstrated to successfully treat patients with angina and heart failure as it promotes the growth of new collaterals and improves endothelial function”  continued, “My goal is to help facilitate and organize other meetings across the country. I hope through these meetings we will increase physician and patient awareness so that EECP Therapy becomes available to even more patients.”

We here at Vasomedical are inspired by Doris’ commitment and proactive activism in her advocacy for EECP Therapy. We hope other program directors, therapists, physicians and facilities around the country will follow her example!

Tell us: is there a healthcare professional in your community who is a provider and proponent of EECP Therapy you’d like to spotlight?  Email us at to submit!