Tales from the Road: Thoughts After a Successful Show at the 2014 Arab Health Exhibition & Congress

We consider our exhibition at Arab Health last week to be one of our most successful tradeshows to date. This was largely accredited to our new Vasomedical exhibition booth and our strategic location at the show. The live demonstrations of EECP® Therapy generated large audiences and the booth’s visibility and new look were better at displaying our EECP Therapy and Biox patient monitoring products.

Attendees going to and from different exhibition halls, meetings and presentations stopped in our booth as they walked through the main concourse.  They wanted to know more about EECP® Therapy, the Biox ECG Holter and ambulatory blood pressure monitors, and our new wireless MobiCare® patient monitors. From the moment the exhibition halls opened to after the exhibit halls closed, our booth continued to stay busy.

At the show we spoke with an extensive number of physicians, distributors, hospital, and health ministry personnel from all of the countries in the Middle East and many different countries in Africa, as well as representatives from India during the four days of the exhibition.

Arab Health was a very successful meeting where we generated many leads, captivated lots of interest, and educated global medical industry leaders unfamiliar with EECP Therapy.  All the people we met in Dubai were warm and friendly and one gets the sense of being in a melting pot that is open to innovative medical technologies like EECP Therapy.

We look forward to working with many of the people we met at the show to bring our products to more patients in the Middle East region, Africa and Southeast Asia.

One thought on “Tales from the Road: Thoughts After a Successful Show at the 2014 Arab Health Exhibition & Congress

  1. Mark Schumer

    Hi Larry,

    Welcome back. It is good to hear your enthusiastic perceptions about the trade show.
    A couple of questions:
    Were there are repeat visitors from last year or other shows that stopped by?
    Were there more of advanced discussions with visitors? Instead of an introduction to EECP, more visitors knew of the benefits and wanted to know further details?
    Were there more Hospital and Health Ministry Personnel in the booth then last year or other shows? Their stopping by is very good news.

    Thanks for this update and all future communications.

    Mark Schumer

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