Patient Spotlight: EECP Therapy is Treatment of Choice for Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Reverend Beckwith, the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, has been visiting Global Cardio Care for about eight years and is a huge advocate for EECP Therapy.

The Reverend has been receiving EECP Therapy since 2004 as a preventative treatment to ensure his system is functioning to its best capacity and he has optimal blood flow. Due to a hectic schedule which includes a great deal of travel and public speaking, he believes maintaining his system and focusing on his circulation and healthy diet are critical.

According to Rev. Beckwith:

“It is essential, if someone is going to do their life work, if someone’s going to release their gifts, their talents, their capacities – which is what I teach – they need to be healthy. It’s a sad thing to see someone who has a great dream within their heart and soul but can’t manifest it because they’re sick all the time.”

In the video, the Reverend discusses not only his excellent experience with EECP Therapy, but relays the positive experiences of several members of his congregation as well.


You can view the full video here:–DA&


One thought on “Patient Spotlight: EECP Therapy is Treatment of Choice for Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

  1. jeff ernst

    These are all great articles, however, you are telling a small audience who are already believers. Lets tell the story nationally on Ellen, The Vue, 20/20, Dateline, Dr Oz etc It seems like we have so many great advocates, why cant we get a larger audience? Thanks

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