Tales from the Heart: Portland Edition

Sometimes the road to health can be a long and challenging one, as one patient from Portland knew all too well.

This 63-year old female with heredity heart disease and Type 1 Diabetes had undergone four bypasses by age 49. Despite the procedures, the arteries in her heart were too small to supply it heart with the blood and oxygen it needed to function without constant chest pain. For years she wore nitro patches to try to achieve relief.

When she began receiving EECP® Therapy treatment at Heart Centers of America, LLC in Portland, the improvements came within – weeks. Initially, she was too weak to drive herself the 58 miles to her EECP appointments, but by the third week she was able to drive herself to her appointments without any pain or discomfort. Shortly after, she was completing everyday tasks – such as bathing, cooking and having phone conversations – with ease.

According to this Portland patient:

EECP has been the most wonderful, lifesaving, non-invasive treatment I’ve ever experienced. EECP is the only treatment that affords me quality of life! I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my children and grandchildren because of EECP. I would encourage anyone prescribed EECP treatment to do so, as soon as possible!”

Now that’s a ringing endorsement! We love receiving great success stories like this. If you or a loved one has a story about your experience with EECP Therapy, please share it with us at vaso@kcsa.com.

One thought on “Tales from the Heart: Portland Edition

  1. GGuy


    Follow the money! A large majority of CABG surgery is unnecessary! Two years ago, as a hospital patient at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the country, I too was told I needed CABG, a quadruple bypass. I Googled alternatives to bypass surgery and found; (EECP) Enhanced External Counterpulsation. I asked the surgeon, Dr. SZ, what is EECP? He said he didn’t know, but would find out and get back to me. He never did.
    I refused the surgery but got the flu (from and idiot doctor who gave it to me) while in the hospital. The flu added 5 days to my hospital stay and brought the bill total to >$150K, without any surgery!
    Since then I’ve had EECP (with which the body makes its’ own bypass) at a cost of $4,500.00. I’ve discontinued all prescription drugs, increased my exercise program, bought a whole body vibration machine, increased my gym & walking workouts, take mega vitamins, minerals (magnesium) and amino acids and modified my diet. You can take control of your health or surrender your life to those who want to “practice for profit” surgically invasive and pharmacology medicine. Who do you think is more interested in your health? You? Or, big med/ big pharma? Look up Dr. Louis Ignarro-Nobel Prize Winner and author of “No More Heart Disease”. Good luck in whatever choice you make and remember it is your choice. Kind regards, gd guy 442 @ aol . com

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