EECP Therapy in the News – Montreal Researchers Trial of Non-Invasive Treatment

Earlier this week, a news channel in Canada – CTV Montreal News – reported that a group of cardiovascular researchers at Hospital Pierre Boucher, in Longueuil, Quebec, are working with the Montreal Heart Institute to test Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) treatment on patients with stable and unstable angina.

In response to a recommendation made four years ago in an evaluation of EECP Therapy by the Ministry of Health in Quebec for additional clinical information, a private foundation provided a grant to cover the costs of the research project. For the past three years clinical investigators, including Dr. Marc Jolicouer from the Montreal Heart Institute, have been treating patients at no charge to the patients in an open clinical trial designed to show the safety, efficacy and potential economic benefit with the goal of making EECP Therapy available to more patients in Canada.

Additionally, this study was also encouraged by the IIa Level of Recommendation by the European Society of Cardiology in its 2013 Guidelines for the Management of Stable Coronary Artery Disease, which stated that EECP Therapy should be considered to help relieve symptoms for patients with angina. As a result, Dr. Jolicouer and his fellow investigators believe that EECP is an important option in addressing the need for new angina treatments in Canada.

The aired segment, which also includes a video statement in support of EECP Therapy by Dr. Gregory Barsness, a published cardiology researcher and interventional cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota as well as an interview with a patient who has benefited from receiving EECP Therapy, can be viewed on the CTV website.

Per the segment, Dr. Jolicouer maintains that it is not unusual for patients to see positive results from EECP Therapy and believes that EECP should be made available to a wider population of patients in Canada. The researchers plan on presenting their findings at a major cardiology conference this coming fall. We agree with Dr. Jolicouer and look forward to seeing the results from their trial!

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