EECP Patient Receives Quilt Of Valor

When we received this story from Doris Osborne, the president of the International EECP Therapy Association (IETA) and EECP Coordinator of the Ohio Heart and Vascular Center in Cincinnati, OH, we knew we had to share it on our blog as well.

Below, read the story about one patient Doris worked with and the great gift this woman gave another patient after treatment.

Hannah Kratzer was being treated with EECP® Therapy here at Ohio Heart & Vascular Center when she heard William Sandlin talking about his time in Vietnam in the EECP® bed next to hers.  Being a member of the Ohio Valley Quilters Guild of Hamilton County, she asked me if it would be possible for her and the Administrator of the Quilt of Valor Foundation to honor him with a Quilt of Valor in our EECP® clinic.  She told me that the mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover each of our service members and veterans who have been wounded or touched by war with a healing and comforting Quilt of Valor.  My answer was YES.

William Sandlin and Hannah Kratzer

Mrs. Kratzer and Kathy Saunders, Administrator of the Quilts of Valor of Cincinnati, presented Mr. Sandlin with the Quilt of Valor. He was very surprised to receive the honor. He said, “I feel really humbled and grateful to receive this Quilt of Valor.  This is the first time I have ever received anything like this in my entire life.”

William Sandlin, Hannah Kratzer and Kathy Saunders

From left, Doris Osborne, EECP® Coordinator and IETA President, William Sandlin, Vietnam veteran and EECP® patient, Robert Osborne, Lead EECP® Therapist and IETA member

Doris would like to take the opportunity to encourage all EECP Therapy Clinics to team up with a Quilt Guild in order to honor a vet. To locate local Quilt of Valor groups, please visit

In her posting Doris suggests that as part of EECP® Therapy Awareness Week EECP® centers around the country set aside one day during Heart Month in February 2015 to present a Quilt of Valor to one or two of their patients. Centers that are interested in participating should start by contacting Doris at to coordinate this IETA promoted national event.

The mission of the IETA is to educate patients, EECP therapists and physicians on how EECP Therapy can help give relief to the hearts of patients who have refractory angina.

At Vasomedical, we fully support our veterans, and are happy to bring any additional joy we can to their lives – from EECP Therapy to Quilts of Honor!

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  1. jeff ernst

    Great story! More of our Veterans need and deserve EECP. We should have a national 5k walk/run to raise funds to provide EECP therapy for them. Such an event would gather public and corporate support. The need is tremendous and there are many of us looking for ways to improve healthcare for our Vets

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