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When Doctors Speak Out…It’s Time to Listen

In a letter that appeared in the June 2014 British Journal of Cardiology, Robin Roberts, a cardiologist in Wimbledon, England speaks out and calls for a re-assessment of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP®) Therapy in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Roberts points out that the 2013 European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Guidelines on the Management of Stable Coronary Artery Disease gave EECP a 2a level of recommendation, meaning that EECP treatment “should be” considered for patients with refractory angina, which supports the position that the published clinical studies have provided adequate evidence to support the safety and  effectiveness of EECP.

In 2009, EECP was subjected to a review and economic analysis in the U.K. During this examination, the results indicated that there wasn’t enough firm evidence to recommend its use in standard clinical practices. However that was more than five years ago. Since then, a number of National Health Service (NHS) hospitals and private hospitals and clinics continued to provide EECP Therapy. Coverage was provided for the treatment by both the NHS and private insurance companies on a “named patient” or case-by-case basis.

Citing the significant amount of clinical knowledge about the mechanisms of action and more recent clinical results that have been published in peer reviewed medical journals about EECP during the past five years, Dr. Roberts puts forth the argument that it is time for a reassessment of EECP in the U.K.

At Vasomedical, we support Dr. Roberts, a long time provider of EECP Therapy and one of its strongest advocates in Europe. We believe that the scales of evidence for the acceptance of EECP have begun to tip in favor of this treatment, an often overlooked, but extremely effective therapy.