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Tales from the Road – Arab Health

We’ve just departed from Dubai having completed a very successful Arab Health exposition. The Vasomedical booth included displays, graphics and demonstrations from all segments of our company profile, including EECP® and ECP therapy systems, Biox’ new ECG Holter and ambulatory blood pressure monitors and our wireless MobiCare™ patient monitoring products. Our booth location was ideal, we were in one of the convention center’s main concourses and was extremely busy throughout the whole show. We were joined in the booth by our associates from Biox and VSK, Vasomedical’s newest joint venture for marketing and sales of EECP/ECP technology globally. Together we welcomed many visitors from all over the Middle East, as well as visitors from North America, Europe and India.

This show allowed us to increase our exposure in the Middle East. There are treatment centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, the Sudan, Bahrain, Oman and Israel. Many physicians in the region are familiar with the clinical benefits of the therapy and are very interested in bringing the technology to their local hospitals and clinics.

Biox – MobiCare™ wireless patient monitoring products attracted a high level of interest at the show. The flexibility to un-tether the patient from the monitor using Bluetooth technology is very unique. Along with the added feature of remote viewing capabilities away from the clinical setting by physicians, healthcare workers and patient families, it was evident that MobiCare™ was one of the most interesting new products seen by many of the attendees.

Tales from the Road: Thoughts After a Successful Show at the 2014 Arab Health Exhibition & Congress

We consider our exhibition at Arab Health last week to be one of our most successful tradeshows to date. This was largely accredited to our new Vasomedical exhibition booth and our strategic location at the show. The live demonstrations of EECP® Therapy generated large audiences and the booth’s visibility and new look were better at displaying our EECP Therapy and Biox patient monitoring products.

Attendees going to and from different exhibition halls, meetings and presentations stopped in our booth as they walked through the main concourse.  They wanted to know more about EECP® Therapy, the Biox ECG Holter and ambulatory blood pressure monitors, and our new wireless MobiCare® patient monitors. From the moment the exhibition halls opened to after the exhibit halls closed, our booth continued to stay busy.

At the show we spoke with an extensive number of physicians, distributors, hospital, and health ministry personnel from all of the countries in the Middle East and many different countries in Africa, as well as representatives from India during the four days of the exhibition.

Arab Health was a very successful meeting where we generated many leads, captivated lots of interest, and educated global medical industry leaders unfamiliar with EECP Therapy.  All the people we met in Dubai were warm and friendly and one gets the sense of being in a melting pot that is open to innovative medical technologies like EECP Therapy.

We look forward to working with many of the people we met at the show to bring our products to more patients in the Middle East region, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Showcasing EECP Therapy: Wrapping up a Successful show at the 2013 Arab Health Exhibition!

The Arab Health in Dubai has been a very successful show, the four days spent here were well worth it. It further positioned EECP and Biox in the forefront of vascular diseases solutions.  We met a lot of people from various parts in the Middle East region as well as other countries as far away as Malaysia.  Working the show has been nothing but pleasure. The people are very welcoming and were eager to learn about our products and their benefits, including the demonstration of EECP in our booth and learn exactly how the therapy works. Physicians and distributors were very pleased to learn in detail of all the clinical benefits that EECP has been proven to have and we’re happy to further educate
themselves on EECP and our Biox ambulatory products.

Having our distributor, K.O.K here with us in the booth all week helped us create more distribution opportunities globally as well as in the Middle East. Most of the distributors that came up to the booth were very professional and treated the conversation as a professional business meeting of getting to know the product line and at the same time letting us get to know them and their company. This show helped us introduce EECP and Biox to many powerful and influential people like numerous advisors to Ministries of Health in the Middle Eastern region countries and it also gave us the ability to promote, market and educate physicians and other clinical professionals about our products.


Showcasing EECP Therapy: Live from the 2013 Arab Health Exhibition!

2013 has started off with some pretty serious international adventures – our latest taking  us to Dubai!


Dubai World Trade Center • Dubai, UAE

The Vasomedical international sales team is thrilled to exhibit at the 2013 Arab Health Exhibition, which has only just begun.  At our booth, we welcomed quite a few potential customers and have been showing off some great technology, including the Lumenair EECP Therapy system, as well as the BIOX ECG Holter systems, ambulatory blood pressure monitors and EZ™ patient management products.


The Vasomedical international sales team demonstrating EECP® Therapy on a Lumenair EECP® Therapy System

The Arab Health Exhibition is the longest running healthcare exhibition and the largest health conference in the Middle East. In previous years, this event has attracted more than 400 companies from across the globe, along with an audience of more than 80,000 medical professionals, distributors, dealers and suppliers from 142 countries.

We’re very proud to have a presence at Arab Health and to introduce our products to their important regional market. If you are attending this year, come visit and tell us what you think!  Vasomedical is at booth PZH25, located in Plaza Hall at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.