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EECP Therapy Week Goes Global

As many of you know, last week was EECP® Therapy Week, which occurs the last week in February (American Heart Month) annually. This year, to help celebrate the efficacy of EECP Therapy and increase access for patients, our colleagues in India launched their first EECP patient awareness program.

During the course of the week patient awareness programs were conducted in Tamil Nadu Government Medical Hospital with the goal of patients to become aware of conventional cardiac risk factors and how life style changes can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

The Tamil Nadu Government Medical Hospital recently incorporated EECP Therapy treatments into its flagship program called the Non-Invasive Ischemic Burden Reduction Program (NIBR-P). Currently, the hospital is the largest EECP center in India with five EECP Therapy systems allowing them to complete treatment for 45 patients per month at capacity.

Our IETA colleagues in India have big plans when it comes to raising awareness about EECP Therapy! In 2014 the group plans to work with physicians and therapists to develop a computer simulation training program on inflation and deflation timing to improve the understanding of this important component of EECP Therapy.

To learn more about Tamil Nadu Government Medical Hospital and their work utilizing EECP Therapy read the full announcement at the following link: http://www.ietaonline.com/2014/02/27/tamil-nadu-government-medical-college-hospital-in-india-joins-third-annual-eecp-therapy-week-celebration-feb-24-28th-2014/


Indian State Expands Access to EECP® Therapy for Patients

Through a program known as Public Private Partnership (PPP), the government of the state of Tamil Nadu in India, in cooperation with VasoMeditech Ltd., Vasomedical’s authorized distributor in India, has launched the Non-Invasive Ischemic Burden Reduction Program (NIBP-P) to bring EECP® Therapy to patients seeking treatment for their coronary artery disease in the government medical college hospitals in the region.

This new program aims to tackle the growing epidemic of cardiovascular disease in India and help the government handle the increase in the number of patients seeking treatment in the public hospital sector. The project includes a continuing medical education program launched by VasoMeditech in collaboration with Madras Medical College on non-invasive options for patients with recurrent angina and heart failure emphasizing the clinical benefits and use of EECP Therapy.

EECP® treatment is currently available through this program at Rajiv Gandhi Government Medical College Hospital, Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation, Chettinad Health City Hospital, Rohini Hospital Tanjavoure and K.G. Hospital in Coimbatore. In the coming year Vasomeditech is planning to initiate additional programs through the PPP in private and public hospitals across the country.