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Vasomedical EECP® Therapy App Version 3.0 Now Available!


Vasomedical EECP® Therapy App Version 3.0 Now Available

What’s New in Version 3.0:

– Compatibility with iOS 7

– New and improved user interface

– Improved treatment locator: Find the closest EECP® Therapy centers to your home or office based on your U.S. location!

– Improved Patient questionnaire: Users may answer questions about their symptoms and lifestyle and email the answers to their physician to determine whether or not they are a good candidate for EECP® Therapy

– Improved Angina diary in the Patients section: Users may record angina attacks and email weekly summary to physician for evaluation. A useful tool to assess the effect of EECP® Therapy

-Updated the reimbursement information to year 2013 rates

Vasomedical’s EECP® Therapy App for the iPhone and iPod Touch is designed to provide patients, physicians and EECP® therapists with the information necessary for optimal EECP® therapeutic care. EECP® therapy is a noninvasive, outpatient treatment cleared by the US FDA for patients suffering angina, congestive heart failure (CHF) and other cardiac diseases. In the app, Patients may access information about the therapy as well as view videos showing the therapy systems in operation or former patients sharing their first hand knowledge of how EECP® therapy reduced or eliminated symptoms while improving their quality of life.

Physicians may obtain the latest in patient selection and treatment guidelines to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. Summaries of selected publications in peer reviewed medical journals as well as a complete bibliography for EECP® therapy is at the physicians’ or therapists’ fingertips.

Therapists can also conveniently access treatment information and guidance in the practice and art of treating various patients with the Vasomedical proprietary EECP® systems.

The easy to use locator tab provides patients and physicians with the location of EECP® treatment centers closest to their home or office.

Get The Updated App here: