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Local Patient Spotlight: “EECP Therapy is Marvelous”

As you know, we at Vasomedical love hearing success stories from patients. This week, we spoke to one Manhattan-based patient, a 74 year old man who asked to remain anonymous on the blog. He took a few minutes out of his day to tell us his story.

Before his treatment, the patient said that he was bent over and was only able to walk two to three blocks before getting tired. He is diabetic and had unfortunately lost all feeling in one of his feet in addition to having two herniated discs in his back.

Upon hearing about EECP Therapy from a friend, he went to check it out. “At that point, I figured I had nothing to lose,” he told us.

“Now I can walk for miles and I’m standing up straight; last weekend I walked five miles with no trouble at all. I’d also say I’ve gotten about 75 percent of the feeling back in my one foot. It has been night and day – EECP Therapy is a marvelous thing, it changed my life.”

The patient says he now recommends EECP Therapy to anyone who asks and notes that he can do things that he couldn’t do before.

This story is not uncommon and we love to hear success stories. If you have a story to tell, please email us at vaso@kcsa.com.


Exercise and heart health– Can there be too much of a good thing?

We’ve all heard that exercising keeps the heart healthy – whether it’s a run, yoga class or cycling. But how much exercise is healthy and can too much be harmful?

According to a recent piece by MedPage Today, “too much of a good thing” can become a reality, and one must be tuned in to his or her limits.  It looks like moderate exercise may be the way to go, even for healthy patients.

The article states:

“Research involving stable chronic heart disease (CHD) patients found daily strenuous exercise to be associated with a more than twofold increased risk for cardiovascular mortality compared with moderate (two- to four-times a week) exercise (2.36, 95% CI 1.05-5.34).”

This is not an excuse to skip your exercise though! Researchers found that moderate, regular exercise is important for maintaining a healthy heart. Widely accepted guidelines recommend 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity five to seven days per week.

You can read the full piece here: http://www.medpagetoday.com/Cardiology/Prevention/45785

Tell us – how much exercise do you get each week? What’s your favorite form of cardio?  Email us with your heart-healthy exercises at vaso@kcsa.com.

Meet the German Doctor who “Speaks the Language of the Patient”

Dr. Kai Ruffmann is a cardiologist based in Germany who has been recommending and administering EECP® Therapy treatments for his patients for more than ten years. He has treated more than 250 patients in the hospital he worked at in the Black Forest region, and recently opened his own cardiology and internal medicine clinic in Baden-Baden.

Though various sites in Germany have provided EECP Therapy for many years, Dr. Ruffmann is the first German provider to get one of the German health insurance companies – a sickness fund – to provide reimbursement coverage for EECP Therapy, which is a huge win.

Germany has a universal multi-payer healthcare system with two main types of health insurance: “Law-enforced health insurance” (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung), also known as sickness funds, and “Private” (Private Krankenversicherung). The “law enforced health insurance” is available for people who fall below a certain income level, and is provided through private non-profit sickness funds at common rates for all members. This insurance is paid for with joint employer-employee contributions.

The recently updated 2013 European Society of Cardiology Guidelines granted a IIa Level of Recommendation for EECP Therapy in treating refractory angina patients and this upgrade in status helps with reimbursement from insurance companies. At Vasomedical, we know that EECP Therapy changes lives, and we are very pleased to see that additional insurance companies around the world are beginning to accept this treatment and reimburse for it.

We appreciate Dr. Ruffmann’s commitment to his patients and his support of EECP Therapy on their behalf. We will continue to work with him to expand reimbursement coverage for more patients in Germany and Europe.

Patient Spotlight: EECP Therapy is Treatment of Choice for Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Reverend Beckwith, the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, has been visiting Global Cardio Care for about eight years and is a huge advocate for EECP Therapy.

The Reverend has been receiving EECP Therapy since 2004 as a preventative treatment to ensure his system is functioning to its best capacity and he has optimal blood flow. Due to a hectic schedule which includes a great deal of travel and public speaking, he believes maintaining his system and focusing on his circulation and healthy diet are critical.

According to Rev. Beckwith:

“It is essential, if someone is going to do their life work, if someone’s going to release their gifts, their talents, their capacities – which is what I teach – they need to be healthy. It’s a sad thing to see someone who has a great dream within their heart and soul but can’t manifest it because they’re sick all the time.”

In the video, the Reverend discusses not only his excellent experience with EECP Therapy, but relays the positive experiences of several members of his congregation as well.


You can view the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CewwGQD–DA&feature=youtu.be


Local Spotlight on EECP Therapy: Long Island Appreciates the Natural Alternative

A segment on “Long Island Naturally” on News 12 Long Island featured EECP Therapy. As Long Island is our home base here at Vasomedical, we were thrilled to see EECP Therapy touted on our TVs.

Commonly recognized as one of the best kept secrets in modern medicine, Dr. Lawson, Dr. Hui and their patients spoke to News12 Correspondent, Mary Mucci, about the benefits of the treatment, noting how the treatment can restore heart function without the risk and high cost of surgery.

During the segment, patient Carl Montalbano noted he “decided to give [EECP Therapy] a shot as he had tried everything else” and as a result of undergoing the treatment he now “feels like the energizer bunny.” We love testimonials because they truly show the live changing impact EECP Therapy has on patients’ lives.

Tell us: have you seen EECP Therapy in your local community? Watch the full segment here and let us know what you think:


Tales from the Heart: Hawaii Edition II

When a scary health issue occurs, it can change your life in an instant, which is what happened to one patient in Hawaii.

At age 46, Ken – a husband and father of two small children – suffered a near fatal heart attack while driving. Luckily, he arrived at the hospital in time to undergo a life-saving stenting procedure. While the procedure saved his life, there was a long way to go to heal his heart.

Ken’s quality of life was compromised after the procedure: he struggled with overwhelming physical and metal fatigue, chest pains, shortness of breath and depression. The doctors also uncovered that he had a second coronary blockage that was inoperable. Ken left the doctor’s office feeling down, like he had no treatment options, which is when a friend introduced him to Island Heart Care and EECP Therapy. Ken said:

I went in and talked to the nurse. Then went home and did a lot of research on EECP. The theory and research supporting EECP was so sound in my mind, it was a no-brainer! If EECP could help me function again and was not invasive, I was going for it!”

After completing a course of EECP Therapy, Ken can now engage in exercise and walk almost three miles each day. He has returned to work part time and finally feels like his children have their father back.

We love receiving great success stories like this. If you or a loved one has a story about your experience with EECP Therapy, please share it with us at vaso@kcsa.com.