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EECP Patient Receives Quilt Of Valor

When we received this story from Doris Osborne, the president of the International EECP Therapy Association (IETA) and EECP Coordinator of the Ohio Heart and Vascular Center in Cincinnati, OH, we knew we had to share it on our blog as well.

Below, read the story about one patient Doris worked with and the great gift this woman gave another patient after treatment.

Hannah Kratzer was being treated with EECP® Therapy here at Ohio Heart & Vascular Center when she heard William Sandlin talking about his time in Vietnam in the EECP® bed next to hers.  Being a member of the Ohio Valley Quilters Guild of Hamilton County, she asked me if it would be possible for her and the Administrator of the Quilt of Valor Foundation to honor him with a Quilt of Valor in our EECP® clinic.  She told me that the mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover each of our service members and veterans who have been wounded or touched by war with a healing and comforting Quilt of Valor.  My answer was YES.

William Sandlin and Hannah Kratzer

Mrs. Kratzer and Kathy Saunders, Administrator of the Quilts of Valor of Cincinnati, presented Mr. Sandlin with the Quilt of Valor. He was very surprised to receive the honor. He said, “I feel really humbled and grateful to receive this Quilt of Valor.  This is the first time I have ever received anything like this in my entire life.”

William Sandlin, Hannah Kratzer and Kathy Saunders

From left, Doris Osborne, EECP® Coordinator and IETA President, William Sandlin, Vietnam veteran and EECP® patient, Robert Osborne, Lead EECP® Therapist and IETA member

Doris would like to take the opportunity to encourage all EECP Therapy Clinics to team up with a Quilt Guild in order to honor a vet. To locate local Quilt of Valor groups, please visit http://www.qovf.org/localqov-list.html.

In her posting Doris suggests that as part of EECP® Therapy Awareness Week EECP® centers around the country set aside one day during Heart Month in February 2015 to present a Quilt of Valor to one or two of their patients. Centers that are interested in participating should start by contacting Doris at info@ietaonline.com to coordinate this IETA promoted national event.

The mission of the IETA is to educate patients, EECP therapists and physicians on how EECP Therapy can help give relief to the hearts of patients who have refractory angina.

At Vasomedical, we fully support our veterans, and are happy to bring any additional joy we can to their lives – from EECP Therapy to Quilts of Honor!

Local Patient Spotlight: “EECP Therapy is Marvelous”

As you know, we at Vasomedical love hearing success stories from patients. This week, we spoke to one Manhattan-based patient, a 74 year old man who asked to remain anonymous on the blog. He took a few minutes out of his day to tell us his story.

Before his treatment, the patient said that he was bent over and was only able to walk two to three blocks before getting tired. He is diabetic and had unfortunately lost all feeling in one of his feet in addition to having two herniated discs in his back.

Upon hearing about EECP Therapy from a friend, he went to check it out. “At that point, I figured I had nothing to lose,” he told us.

“Now I can walk for miles and I’m standing up straight; last weekend I walked five miles with no trouble at all. I’d also say I’ve gotten about 75 percent of the feeling back in my one foot. It has been night and day – EECP Therapy is a marvelous thing, it changed my life.”

The patient says he now recommends EECP Therapy to anyone who asks and notes that he can do things that he couldn’t do before.

This story is not uncommon and we love to hear success stories. If you have a story to tell, please email us at vaso@kcsa.com.


Tales from the Heart: Portland Edition

Sometimes the road to health can be a long and challenging one, as one patient from Portland knew all too well.

This 63-year old female with heredity heart disease and Type 1 Diabetes had undergone four bypasses by age 49. Despite the procedures, the arteries in her heart were too small to supply it heart with the blood and oxygen it needed to function without constant chest pain. For years she wore nitro patches to try to achieve relief.

When she began receiving EECP® Therapy treatment at Heart Centers of America, LLC in Portland, the improvements came within – weeks. Initially, she was too weak to drive herself the 58 miles to her EECP appointments, but by the third week she was able to drive herself to her appointments without any pain or discomfort. Shortly after, she was completing everyday tasks – such as bathing, cooking and having phone conversations – with ease.

According to this Portland patient:

EECP has been the most wonderful, lifesaving, non-invasive treatment I’ve ever experienced. EECP is the only treatment that affords me quality of life! I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my children and grandchildren because of EECP. I would encourage anyone prescribed EECP treatment to do so, as soon as possible!”

Now that’s a ringing endorsement! We love receiving great success stories like this. If you or a loved one has a story about your experience with EECP Therapy, please share it with us at vaso@kcsa.com.

Patient Spotlight: EECP Therapy is Treatment of Choice for Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Reverend Beckwith, the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, has been visiting Global Cardio Care for about eight years and is a huge advocate for EECP Therapy.

The Reverend has been receiving EECP Therapy since 2004 as a preventative treatment to ensure his system is functioning to its best capacity and he has optimal blood flow. Due to a hectic schedule which includes a great deal of travel and public speaking, he believes maintaining his system and focusing on his circulation and healthy diet are critical.

According to Rev. Beckwith:

“It is essential, if someone is going to do their life work, if someone’s going to release their gifts, their talents, their capacities – which is what I teach – they need to be healthy. It’s a sad thing to see someone who has a great dream within their heart and soul but can’t manifest it because they’re sick all the time.”

In the video, the Reverend discusses not only his excellent experience with EECP Therapy, but relays the positive experiences of several members of his congregation as well.


You can view the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CewwGQD–DA&feature=youtu.be


Local Spotlight on EECP Therapy: Long Island Appreciates the Natural Alternative

A segment on “Long Island Naturally” on News 12 Long Island featured EECP Therapy. As Long Island is our home base here at Vasomedical, we were thrilled to see EECP Therapy touted on our TVs.

Commonly recognized as one of the best kept secrets in modern medicine, Dr. Lawson, Dr. Hui and their patients spoke to News12 Correspondent, Mary Mucci, about the benefits of the treatment, noting how the treatment can restore heart function without the risk and high cost of surgery.

During the segment, patient Carl Montalbano noted he “decided to give [EECP Therapy] a shot as he had tried everything else” and as a result of undergoing the treatment he now “feels like the energizer bunny.” We love testimonials because they truly show the live changing impact EECP Therapy has on patients’ lives.

Tell us: have you seen EECP Therapy in your local community? Watch the full segment here and let us know what you think:


Tales from the Heart: Hawaii Edition II

When a scary health issue occurs, it can change your life in an instant, which is what happened to one patient in Hawaii.

At age 46, Ken – a husband and father of two small children – suffered a near fatal heart attack while driving. Luckily, he arrived at the hospital in time to undergo a life-saving stenting procedure. While the procedure saved his life, there was a long way to go to heal his heart.

Ken’s quality of life was compromised after the procedure: he struggled with overwhelming physical and metal fatigue, chest pains, shortness of breath and depression. The doctors also uncovered that he had a second coronary blockage that was inoperable. Ken left the doctor’s office feeling down, like he had no treatment options, which is when a friend introduced him to Island Heart Care and EECP Therapy. Ken said:

I went in and talked to the nurse. Then went home and did a lot of research on EECP. The theory and research supporting EECP was so sound in my mind, it was a no-brainer! If EECP could help me function again and was not invasive, I was going for it!”

After completing a course of EECP Therapy, Ken can now engage in exercise and walk almost three miles each day. He has returned to work part time and finally feels like his children have their father back.

We love receiving great success stories like this. If you or a loved one has a story about your experience with EECP Therapy, please share it with us at vaso@kcsa.com.