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The MobiCare Wireless Patient Monitor

First Use of MobiCare™ Wireless Vital Signs Monitor in Surgery

In Thailand last week, engineers from Biox Instruments Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Vasomedical, conducted the first demonstration of our MobiCare™ patient monitoring system’s capabilities in a live surgical procedure at Bangpakok 8 International Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Jantra Tipchai.

The MobiCare Wireless Patient Monitor is a vital signs monitoring system that acquires multiple physiological signals of a patient and wirelessly transmits the signals to a nearby or remote receiver for viewing.  In this very first surgical application, the MobiCare system wirelessly transmitted the surgical patient’s signals to a touch-screen tablet receiver used by the anesthetist in the operating room.  It was also demonstrated that the monitoring session of the patient’s vital signs could be broadcasted live throughout the hospital for remote viewing by authorized medical personnel on their tablets or smart phones.

The staff at the hospital was very impressed with MobiCare’s technical performance, ease of use and its flexibility in connectivity, both inside and outside of the hospital.  Currently, they are evaluating its potential in various clinical settings throughout all four hospitals of the Bangpakok Hospital Group as well as in their ambulance service.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Bangpakok Hospital Group to explore various applications of our products.  In addition to providing remote viewing capabilities of monitoring a patient’s vital signs, thereby enabling consultation from a distant location, the MobiCare system also presents as a great ally in the battle against highly contagious diseases, such as Ebola, by minimizing exposure to only necessary physical contact between the patient and care staff.