EECP® Therapy Systems

Delivering A New Quiet Air of Confidence - Backed by years of clinical research and numerous published data, Our EECP® Therapy System incorporates the proven performance of EECP® technology in a sleek and self-contained unit that is easy to use and fosters patient confidence, comfort and compliance.

VasoMedical LumenairTM All-In-One EECP® Therapy System

The LumenairTM EECP® Therapy System combines proven medical technology with enhanced styling in a compact model that’s easy to operate. Our latest improvement has allowed the Lumenair to work even more quietly. As a result, therapists use it with confidence and physicians rely on its performance at hundreds of centers worldwide.

Key Features:
  • New Quiet Technology
  • Trinity Pneumatic Delivery System
  • Integrated Work Surface
  • ComfortcurveTM Treatment Mattress
  • Single Plethysmographic/SpO2 Probe
  • Autochart Software
  • Welded steel frame construction

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