The MobiCareTM Series Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System consists of a Patient Module that wirelessly transmits real-time vital sign signals to a Bedside Display or a touch screen Tablet
(Not US FDA cleared)

Patient Module

  • Displays real-time vital-signs and signals including ECG, HR, SpO2, NIBP, respiratory, and Temperature
  • Patient body position detection and fall alarm
  • Wireless transmission of real-time vital-sign signals to bedside monitor
  • Powered by a high-capacity lithium battery for 48 hours of continuous use
  • 2.8-inch true color TFT screen for display of real-time vital-signs and signals
  • Compact for patient comfort

Bedside Display

  • Wireless receiver of real-time vital-sign signals from patient module
  • Alarm system: Audible and visual
  • Dual power supply: AC power or lithium battery
  • Long term trends of recorded data and ECG playback

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