Introducing VasoMedical's ARCS 2020

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Analysis Reporting Communication Software

ARCS for ECG Holter and ABPM has attained worldwide use and acceptance. Now, the enhanced ARCS 2017 offers:

  • Enhanced algorithms improve Afib and SVE detection by 35% and 15% respectively
  • Ability to optimize ST segment analysis results
  • New file formats; CDM, GARERA, plus Biox, TZ, Datrix and MIT
  • Advanced R-R Lorenz plot
  • New Smart editing tools, improved data management and messaging throughout
  • Faster data downloading of EFS and SCP data

Give us a call, we look forward to sharing more information on ARCS 2020 and how it can fit into your cardiology practice.

Thanks and best regards,

David Nierle
Vice President, National Sales and Service

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